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What We Are

Dedicated to helping businesses succeed

Headquartered in Cromwell, Connecticut (USA), with administrative offices in SW Florida; Springfield, MA; Worcester, MA; and NYC.  RCG is not a chain or national franchise.  RCG dedicates local talent and knowledge to you, the independent business owner or manager, NOT shareholders!  


The Rivo Consulting Group (RCG) is a collection of seasoned executives and aggressive negotiators who pledge their expertise in the area of developing client’s businesses.  Recognizing that many successful companies may lack the time, desire or even specialized expertise to deal with unique problems, RCG enthusiastically serves small to medium sized concerns throughout the U.S., Canada and Europe, taking the time to learn about the client’s business and helping them reach their goal. The RCG Consultants leverage their talents, international contacts and unique ability to develop and deploy policy to strike a symbiotic balance between the executive climate and the client company's bottom line

With extensive backgrounds in supply chain management, economics, personnel (HR) management, debt analysis, vendor negotiations, international business, mergers & acquisitions and business administration, the RCG Principles are poised to present innovative executive creativity for their clients to be able to realize maximum potential and a healthy bottom line!  

Who We Are
Think You Have What it Takes?

At The Rivo Consulting Group, we are always looking for talented agents to experience the world of Mergers & Acquisitions!  Wed want to hire attitude over any academic pedigree or fluffed-up resume.  No special licensing required and you'll earn far more per deal than any RE agent could ever hope!  Opportunities are also available to lead your own territory in other states!  Contact RCG for details.

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