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Nayth Aguasa

RCG Spreads its reach into the Asia-Pacific Markets

Nayth for over 20 years has successfully managed and led multi-billion dollars projects and operations in Oil and Gas Industry and are now acquiring businesses in the construction, engineering and other sectors.

Nayth achieved several academic degrees such as; Bachelor Degree in Business Administration, Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering, and a Master’s Degree in Business Administration.

Nayth has led and managed successful operations and projects in retail, physical and electronic security and safety systems, hospitality, general construction, and agriculture. Nayth has proven his expertise in leadership and management for over two decades holding senior management level in several oil and gas companies. He successfully established policies, procedures, and management systems that have been used to successfully run oil and gas plants and installation in different countries, now Nayth is concentrating in Mergers and Acquisition.


Nayth is also currently working to fund his largest real estate and infrastructure development projects in Southeast Asia.

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