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"Build your own dreams or someone else

will hire you to build theirs."

"The question isn't, 'Who's going to let me?'

But rather, 'Who's going to stop me?'"

You've got a great idea for a business.  You're the best at what you do and know with every fiber of your being that the money generated from what is to become your new business will support your family and grow your wealth.  BUT....  What next?  How do you even start?  What about attorneys and accountants?  How much money will be needed and where does it come from?  How do I hire people?  Wait, don't I have to incorporate?


Your next step is to contact RCG.  As an experienced start-up consultant, RCG is well aware of budgetary constraints associated with new organizations.  RCG will work within your means and in some cases, can even defer compensation.


RCG will be by your side, providing guidance and advice related to:

  • Assistance with VC, PE, Angel, SBA and Conventional Bank Funding

  • Business, Financial and Marketing Plans with Projections and Analysis

  • Corporate Structuring, Accounting, Process Development

  • Location Assistance and Lease Negotiation

  • Recruiting, Hiring and Human Resource Management

  • Risk Management, Competitive Analysis & Ongoing SWOT Analysis

  • CSR, Sales Process, Supply Chain and Delivery Management

  • Expansion, Re-Investment and Succession Planning

Conventional Start-Up Consulting Package

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