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You've made the decision to buy a business, sell your business, move on to something else, retire or simply cash out.  Not only is this a frightening time in anyone's life, but it is definitely a time where proper planning could make all the difference in the world!  Don't risk entering bad negotiations, dealing with suspect buyers/sellers, leaving money on the table or handling your disassociation improperly.

RCG is extremely selective about the businesses we choose to represent for sale, and we don't accept large numbers of listings just to pad a website. 

However, if your opportunity is consistent with our ideals for a well-run and realistic acquisition offering the best possible ROI scenario for buyers, we pledge unparalleled, aggressive, attentive, professional, honest, and efficient representation during the M&A process.

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The Four "D's":

An exit strategy of any business organization can fall into one of three categories:  Death, Disability, Divorce, Depart.  While RCG can assist any principal with viable plans of succession, this section will focus on the last "D" - "Depart"; most specifically, departing with a great return on your investment!


Where to Start:

It's never too early to start compiling the vital information related to your business.  This includes, but is not limited to:  tax returns, employee data, incorporation (LLC/P) documents, cursory inventory, furniture/fixtures/equipment (FFE), accounts payable/receivables, monthly expenses, etc.  Click for a comprehensive list.  Once this task has been started, CONTACT RCG for guidance with seeing this most important transaction of your financial life to its lucrative conclusion.  From day one, every business owner should have an exit strategy and if you've been preparing for liquidation or merger, you are already ahead and have a good idea how to proceed with attaining your goal.


Why an M&A Specialist:

Just as you can change the oil in your car, build kitchen cabinets, replace a toilet or faucet, or paint your own house, you can certainly liquidate your business or engage in M&A negotiations yourself.  But why don't most people do the things alluded to initially?  A couple of very important reasons:  Lack of experience, know-how, time, and confidence in a positive outcome.  A qualified M&A specialist is more than a "broker".  A broker, most often those "national chain" typically employs a "dartboard" approach, securing many listings without discerning their quality, splashing websites and other venues with open offers to sell and sits back, hoping for a hit.  An M&A specialist will typically only accept projects that fit the ideals of the firm and projects that will net principals the best ROI.  Principals who waste months with the wrong "broker" will find themselves in a possible irreversibly harming situation.  Businesses that are received as "for sale", "in trouble", "moving", "closing" or have multiple deals "fall through", struggle immensely from bad publicity.  The ability to attract talent, decreasing sales and an impact on customer loyalty are the effects of an inefficient liquidation or merger.  You've worked long and hard and only get to do this once!  You don't have to hire RCG for your M&A or liquidation but through our experience, you should at least understand:  NEVER leave an attorney or accountant to handle your transaction alone, NEVER use a national chain of brokers, hobbyists, real estate agents or business coaches, NEVER use a broker who is unwilling to co-broke!


What will RCG do For Principals:

The first thing RCG will do is sit down and LISTEN to the goals and aspirations of a business principal and/or board of directors.  This vitally important step is often overlooked in many M&A transactions because only realistic expectations will result in a positive transaction.  Secondly, a true and accurate business evaluation will be undertaken.  There is no charge for this if associated with a listing.  A business evaluation for the benefit of a FSBO or the interest of an owner can also be prepared.  Since RCG comprises talented corporate consultants, the continuing robust operation of your business can be assured.  It is important not to "wind down" or take a lethargic attitude towards the operation of your business during an M&A or liquidation transaction.


20% of all businesses change hands each year and it also a proven fact that acquired businesses have a 300% higher success rate after five years than start-ups.  If you are ready to exercise your entrepreneurial muscles, you need a qualified M&A specialist to represent you when investigating businesses, dealing with financing and negotiating a transaction.  RCG will engage in comprehensive counseling and begin to leverage vast contacts to identify the best fit for each individual business purchaser.  Equally aggressive negotiations will be entered into on your behalf, ensuring your acquisition is the best one to net a great ROI and personal fulfillment while handling any intellectual property rights, non-competes and other proprietary concerns.  If necessary, RCG will also help with venture capital, angel funding and even 504 and 7(a) SBA funding.  (NOTE: A non-refundable retainer is required in the absence of a committed funding vehicle.)  **FINANCING**


Whatever your reason for investigating an acquisition: Making more money, Gaining access to new products/markets, Implement vertical integration, Taking advantage of economies of scale, or Buying out a competitor, a talented and connected M&A adviser will prove invaluable when performing due diligence, successor liability and engaging in negotiations.  RCG never charges a buyers' premium!

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