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You've found the best representation for your M&A Transaction.  While no deal is too small, RCG does engage in ample due diligence prior to accepting new clients. 

The first question many clients ask is, "How long will it take to sell my business?"

The honest answer that most

M&A Agents won't tell you is nine to twelve months is the average sub-$1M acquisition gestation period.

Choose the Best M&A Representation in The Industry

When selecting a company to represent your business in a sale, transfer, succession, or merger; it's extremely important to engage in ample due diligence.  While business principals enlist the experts after an exhaustive search, so to does RCG thoroughly investigate the potential clients we accept for representation.  We've built a reputation after years of hard work with buyers and sellers alike.  Serious sellers know our skills at representation and qualified buyers know RCG only works with the best possible acquisition targets.

RCG is different.  CT & MA do not require any special licensing for business brokers.  The 2008-09 economic downturn produced a lot of displaced people who, for $10 business cards, thought they could sell businesses for people.  RCG has made a lot of money rescuing business people from these horror stories.  Do it right the first time!

When ready, E-mail RCG with your initial ideas and general health of your business.  Once reviewed, a senior RCG agent will discuss options.  If progressed further, a meeting will be scheduled at the location, or off-site if deemed appropriate. 

Upon an initial meeting, a senior RCG agent will discuss your exit strategy and assign a comprehensive value to the acquisition opportunity.  Be prepared with documentation including among other things:

  • Past three years P&L

  • Past three years cash receipt or POS journals

  • Information on employees

  • Copy of Lease, terms, CAM, etc. (If space is leased, each location)

  • List of Fixtures, Furnishings, & Equipment (FFE)

  • Estimated Asking Price and how it was determined

  • Willingness to provide seller financing

It is important to remember, if your opportunity is chosen for RCG representation, both you and RCG are on the same side.  We do not charge for leads to join our website, or are a "chain" broker who plasters multiple listings to falsely inflate statistics.  Allow RCG to do their job honestly, aggressively, fairly, professionally, and efficiently.

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