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You've started a business, acquired a business, just got promoted to a management position within an organization or have been running your own business for quite some time.  It becomes rapidly evident that one of the most critical forces under your control, even before finances, products, suppliers and customers, is THE PEOPLE THAT WORK FOR YOU!


The act of finding, hiring, training, compensating, managing, rewarding, protecting, retaining, and terminating employees used to be called "Personnel" but is now conventionally defined as "Human Resources Management"

Topics Every Manager Should Know

How to Prevent Internal Theft

CT Minimum Wage & Salary Topics for 2018




Most businesses that enlist the help of RCG are just like yours.  They are small to medium organizations (3 to 100 employees) that have their HR management tasks shared by several people or no one at all!  Because HR is generally viewed as a "non revenue-generating department", it is often the first to be overlooked or downsized when times are tough.  The peril of these decisions are very often, never realized until something irreversible happens such as a labor department fine, high unemployment assessment, wrongful termination lawsuit, theft of clients or intellectual property, or bad-will and lost customers/sales generated by a disgruntled employee. 


Document, Document, Document!:

You have expertly prepared customer contracts, fancy sales receipts and return policies, creative coupons and marketing collateral material yet you use those pre-printed job application pads available from the big-box retail office stores!  RCG is not suggesting an investment into a complicated HRIS software application.  In fact, file folders and 3-ring binders work just fine, as long as you know how to retain and administer records related to your employees.  In defending yourself and your business against any of those scenarios listed above, accurate and meticulous record keeping is paramount.


Alphabet Soup:

Face it... dealing with some HR topics are like a tooth extraction!  RCG realizes you'd rather be running your business and doing what you love.  It is for this reason, RCG will be your HR advocate and see you through dealing with topics such as ERISA, PPACA, HIPAA, COBRA, FMLA, FLSA, ADA, ADEA, EEO, USERRA, NLRB, IRCA, FICA, OSHA, etc.  These are all FEDERAL regulations.  Connecticut has its own set or rules that employers must follow.  And while CT is an "Employment at Will State", many business owners still lament the perceived "anti-employer" sentiments.  RCG will help you navigate, and prevail, in these areas.


Recruiting & Hiring:

Have you ever spend hours posting an ad for an open position, read through dozens of replies (most not even directed at or qualified for the position you advertised), spent the afternoon leaving voice mail messages because no one answers their phone, only to set aside time for a candidate to come in for an interview and they don't show up?  Sound familiar?  You don't have time for this.  You need to be making money!


Bad Hires:

Even after going through the arduous process of hiring for just one part-time employee, they work three days and disappear.  Or, you hire a full-time manager and they turn out to have outstanding warrants.  Then one day, a process server comes to your door with a garnishment order for a new hire.  Great!  More paperwork!  RCG wants to mitigate your aggravation.  Through careful recruiting and screening, coupled with affordable and comprehensive background checks, you can all but eliminate some of these truly frustrating situations.


Now What?:

Don't be discouraged.  Whether you've just experienced a bad situation related to HR or undoubtedly, know someone who has, RCG will be on your side!  CONTACT a dedicated HR consultant for a no-obligation initial consultation.  Don't wait until it's too late!  It's always better to be pro-active rather than re-active and this notion is paramount in HR management.

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