Frequently Asked Questions
Q.  Can a Consultant help me and my business?
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A.  Did you ever stop to ask for directions?  Ask your spouse how your hair looks?  Or ask your co-workers for a restaurant recommendation?  If you have, you unknowingly employed the services of a consultant.  Sometimes a fresh set of eyes, another perspective, or a different degree of expertise is all you need to identify problems or maximize the best of a good thing.

This is what Rivo Consultants do for your business.  Through the implementation of specialized executives, we can help identify unique situations that will makw your business even better than it already is.   Qualifed consultants don't cost, they pay!

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When the rate of change outside, exceeds the rate of change inside, you are through!

-Jack Welch
Q.  My operation is fine.  Do I need an oustider in my business?
A.  That's the attitude some of our more recent clients had before we helped them see the light.  One client who owned a very successful web-based business had all they could do to keep up with their on-line orders.  After analyzing their operation, the fact they were consistently logging nearly half a million hits a month stood out to us.  Never before having the time nor desire to develop a program of selling web advertising, Rivo stepped in to nearly double their profits the first year.  Rivo even handled the A/R and simply sent the client a check each month.
Q.  I've just re-structured or divested and my employess are uneasy.  Can RCG help?
A.  It's a fact of life in today's business world.  Owners change, structures change, benefits are affected and even positions may be eliminated or outsourced.  Rivo can help in this transition, ensure compliance with the WARN Act, educate and counsel employees and even other management.  Experienced in these areas, Rivo has seen many scenarios and can help minimize the negative impact of displaced employees.  Rivo can also help with any or all aspects of HR Administration, regulation and compliance.
Q.  Can Rivo help my organization with setting up a computer network, firewalls and IT security?
A.  While the executives of Rivo pride themselves on their remarkable abilities to be innovative in most areas of business management and administration, Rivo recognizes the complexities associated with Information Technology and leaves that to the experts of those areas.  Rivo associates can however, recommend IT consultants to assist with technology requirements.

Q.  Can Rivo provide legal or CPA services?
A.  Rivo does not have attorneys, accountants nor tax reporters on staff.  Rivo can provide bookkeeping and analysis services and maintains a network of professionals with various specialties and frequently brings clients together as a courtesy when these needs arise.  Clients are always encouraged to consult attorneys, CPA's or enrolled agents throughout the operation of any RCG contract or project.

Q.  Times are tough right now.  Can I afford the luxury of my own consultant?
A.  Don't look at a consultant as a luxury.  Generally, you only go to a doctor when you're sick but what about preventative medicine?  You need not spend $10,000 on a consultant but your business may not be able to afford going through tough times alone.  A consultant can help identify opportunities in a volatile environment and can also analyze simple areas of cost-effectiveness such as fuel and other energy related costs.  It doesn't cost anything to investigate the professionals at The Rivo Group.  Give us a call and let us work to help you!

Q.  I'm thinking of selling my business.  Can Rivo help?
A.  RCG has a longstanding reputation of honest, efficient and straight-forward business brokering and M&A.  Selling a business into which you've undoubtedly invested countless dollars, family sacrifices and years of your life deserves a broker that can help you step back from emotions and attain the maximum return on your investment.  Do you know how to use EBIDTA and SDE formulae to appropriately evaluate your business?  Do you know how to properly disassociate after the sale?  Do you have adequate NDA's and procedures for disclosing sensitive information to potential buyers?  Do you even have the resources to identify potential buyers?  When you buy or sell a home, you use a qualified broker and you may make several real estate transactions in a lifetime.  You are only going to sell your business once.  Why not at least talk to a qualified business broker?  But beware!!!  There are several "chain" companies of "national franchises" that care more about meeting quotas than representing you in your sale.  If if you don't use RCG for your transaction, PLEASE engage in adequate and substantial due diligence on your own.